5 steps to a high-impact entry garden 08/16

5 Steps to a High-Impact Entry Garden for Your Modern Home

Use walls, fencing, plants and paths to tie your entrance area to your indoor spaces


Colin Flavin | Houzz Contributor


The entry garden sets the stage for your modern home. In traditional home designs, a relatively solid exterior wall defined the house’s edge. The modern approach was to make the home’s exterior walls largely of glass and create a garden wall that defined the “edge” of the house, making the garden as much a part of the home as any other room.


Why not take the entry garden further by creating an enclosed outdoor space that ties itself spatially to the interior? To achieve a comprehensive modern vibe, take the same care in the selection of garden walls, fencing, plants and pathways as with your interior finishes and furniture. Here’s how to design a high-impact visual front garden.


Rising Glen by Tocha Project

In this entry by Tocha Project, the honed concrete flooring extends inside to out, heightened by a flush threshold. The path is also dramatically defined by a dark pebble reflecting pool.


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