adding more of a good thing to a midcentury modern home 07/17

Adding More of a Good Thing to a Midcentury Modern Home

Here’s how to add space and still keep the spirit of a vintage home


Colin Flavin | Houzz Contributor


I love how midcentury homes often fit beautifully into their neighborhoods. Many are only a single story, with low-pitch roofs and subdued color palettes. The homes also tend to be small and are often in need of enlarging to accommodate contemporary households. Fortunately, designers have come a long way from the 1970s and ‘80s, when midcentury was out of fashion and additions often disregarded the original house design.


What is the best approach to making an addition to a midcentury home, while keeping the spirit of the original home intact? Should the addition harmonize or contrast with the existing home? Should the addition be placed out of sight from the street or be a new focal point? There is no right answer; it depends on the character of the original house and your own design personality. From the Pacific Northwest to Cape Cod, here are some creative approaches to adding on to a midcentury home.


add space and still keep the spirit of a vintage home

Mid-Century Modern Addition, Truro, MA by Hammer Architects


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