blue heron’s modern desert design in las vegas 06/19

Blue Heron’s Modern Desert Design in Las Vegas

See 2 homes from the award-winning design-build firm that were highlighted at this year’s AIA conference


Colin Flavin | Houzz Contributor


A panoramic view of the Las Vegas Strip — the Sin City equivalent of an ocean view — reveals itself inside the great room of this luxe hillside home. The dramatic design of the custom home takes its cue from the nearby Strip’s entertainment, casino and hotel spaces. Sliding walls of glass disappear at the touch of a button and fully retract within adjacent walls. The interior space flows seamlessly onto an exterior terrace.


This is the Topaz, one of two Blue Heron homes showcased at this year’s American Institute of Architects Conference on Architecture, which took place in Las Vegas on June 5-7. Along with other conference participants, I toured both homes during the annual architecture and design event. The tour gave us an inside look at how the design-build firm combines cutting-edge design and construction to create modern luxury homes that emphasize energy-efficient, technology-driven elements. We’ll walk you through it and another of Blue Heron’s homes here.


Blue Heron's Topaz home in Las Vegas

The great room and kitchen of Blue Heron’s Topaz home features expansive family living and entertaining areas. The glittering Las Vegas skyline is seen through the large windows in the background.


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