design miami in double digits 01/2015

Sculpture by Richard Serra                                                                                              Pavilion by Jonathan Muecke


It was great to grab some sun and see the 10th annual Design Miami show, sister to the more famous Art Basel that runs concurrently each year. The first thing to catch my eye was the temporary entry pavilion to the design show, designed by emerging Minneapolis designer Jonathan Muecke.  Muecke takes a light hearted interpretation on the steel arcs of sculptor Richard Serra. Where Serra’s arcs are monumental and often somber challenging our perception of space, Muecke’s work takes a less confrontational direction. Two arcs form a clear portal for the entry to the pavilion. The primary colors of blue and yellow on the outside of the arcs are playful and light against the sunny Miami sky. Inside the portal, complementary colors of red and green are a soothing back drop to bench seating.


The show balances commercial furniture showrooms stocked with custom furnishings, with design lectures, this year focusing on the affordability crisis in housing. The juxtaposition of these topics shows the fault lines in the profession, providing designs for the affluent while trying to accommodate the needs of the community at large.


Jacques Lacoste showroom at Design Miami 


Photos and text by Colin Flavin AIA

Flavin Architects