midcentury marvel: is that a pool in the living room? 03/18

Midcentury Marvel: Is That a Pool in the Living Room?

Step inside the Raymond Loewy house, a modernist hideaway in the California desert designed by architect Albert Frey


Colin Flavin | Houzz Contributor


The Raymond Loewy house in Palm Springs, California, designed by Albert Frey for the celebrated industrial designer in 1946, isn’t what you might expect of a home created for a celebrity client. Instead of a large, lavish house, Frey’s design is pint-size, built with low-cost materials and beautifully integrated into the landscape, an innovative approach that continues to be relevant.


The house punches above its weight by making a seamless connection between the home’s interior, the exterior courtyard and the desert beyond. Frey’s approach to design, so different from the Spanish-style homes popular at the time, helped create a new style of architecture called Desert Modern.


Albert Frey’s Raymond Lowey Residence

The backyard pool merges with the living room of the Raymond Loewy House. Photo by David A. Lee


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