modern homes mix coastal resiliency with outdoor living 08/19

Modern Homes Mix Coastal Resiliency With Outdoor Living

Four new coastline projects tackle extreme flooding and storms while connecting homeowners to the land


Colin Flavin | Houzz Contributor


Low-lying coastal communities are facing growing pressure to adapt to rising sea levels and intense storms. It is under these circumstances that some architects and designers are rethinking how they design homes on the coast.


Here we look at four projects that show how architects have elegantly incorporated flood-zone requirements into their designs. These modern resilient homes — in which living spaces are built a full level above the ground — are more than just structures on stilts. They allow occupants to better connect with the land through new indoor-outdoor living spaces, terraced gardens and restored dune areas.


Modern Homes Mix Coastal Resiliency With Outdoor Living

Guest Pavilion by Stephen Yablon Architecture on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina


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