william krisel’s twin palms: a modern american dream 07/18

William Krisel’s Twin Palms: A Modern American Dream

This innovative Palm Springs housing development turns 60 this year. See why it’s as relevant as ever.


Colin Flavin | Houzz Contributor


The year 2018 marks the 60th anniversary of the completion of architect William Krisel’s crowning achievement: Twin Palms, a subdivision of 90 homes on the south side of Palm Springs, in the California desert. The project was the perfect marriage between a progressive builder and a master architect, both intent on creating a new type of residential development that appealed to the burgeoning middle class after World War II. “It was the end result of everything I wanted to do,” Krisel said.


William Krisel’s Twin Palms

William Krisel sits in front of a home he designed in the Twin Palms neighborhood. Photo by James Schnepf for Palm Springs Modern Living.


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