Howard Raley AIA

Howard Raley

My passion is for the craft of architecture, coupled with the knowledge of how buildings are correctly sequenced and constructed, which facilitates the nurturing of a design into the complicated three-dimensions of a successfully built space.  Prior to my first professional job in a small Marblehead office, I developed my skills as a builder, learning about process, craft, trade relationships and hierarchy. Working with a building team during the complicated construction phase, I always advocate for the best solution for all parties, and ultimately, the best solution for the client.


A studio principal and with Flavin Architects since 2008, Howard has deep understanding of the construction process. This enables the firm to move smoothly from the crafted construction documents through to a completed home that is both comfortable and performs as designed, providing guidance to the client along each step.  Howard has worked on a wide range of projects, from highly detailed smaller additions to an 18,000 SQFT modern home in the Boston area, which called for considerable expertise in collaboration and organization. As the foundation for any project, he builds and maintains healthy relationships with contractors and consultants, and is adept at negotiating the nuances of state and local board approvals. He was a member of the Design Review Board in Wellesley, MA for several years, and makes a focused effort to remain active in the community.


Howard received his Masters of Architecture from the University of Colorado, Denver, and has an Environmental Design degree from University of Colorado in Boulder.  His education continued as an intern at Arcosanti, the experimental town in the Arizona desert built to embody the late Paolo Soleri's concept of arcology, the natural connection of architecture and ecology. Working alongside of Paolo, Howard was Construction Manager of the East Crescent, a passive solar structure implementing Soleri’s unique designs and construction methods.