Nathan Lynch

Nathan Lynch Designer

For me, Architecture begins when informed thoughts are translated to penciled lines on a sketchpad. Sketched ideas stir into motion a very human series of actions, complex collaborations of many types of people, technologies, and inventions. Architecture has developed this way over the course of history and continues into the most technologically advanced society to date. I am grateful to be a part of the era of modern architecture.


Nathan joined Flavin Architects in May of 2019, previously working as an intern architect with several award-winning design firms in the New England area. He also has a background in residential design | build construction, a natural transition for him as his family is rich with builders, architects, and tradesmen.


Nathan earned his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Roger Williams University (RWU) School of Architecture, Art, and Historic Preservation, completing his studies in 2016. He graduated with honors and was recognized with multiple awards throughout his academic career. While in school, Nathan nurtured his appreciation for design and architecture, expanding his knowledge of the craft through hand drawing, model building, and research. He currently is pursuing his professional AIA licensure.